A student of the Thai Bodywork school of Thai Massage, she has a hundreds of hours of study & practice in their therapeutic, clinical approach which is rooted in classical Thai massage and integrated with Anatomy & Physiology, Trigger Point Therapy and somatics.

Sessions bring calm and ease to physical and emotional layers.

Her bodywork is informed by yoga and vice versa to form a healing and regenerative practice where clients become happily amazed at how good they can quickly feel. 

Claire comes from a personal Hatha yoga practice enriched by various teachers over the years.

including a 200 hr yoga teacher certification through White Lotus Foundation of Santa Barbara, CA with teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich.   A cum laude graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, she integrates ancient wisdom traditions with the healing arts.  Using her career experience as an organizational development professional, she combined her interests & skills to found and manage omTown Yogis, Greater Milwaukee's Yoga Community Hub to form yoga community cohesiveness and to give back in the form of grants and scholarships for yoga education.

Her belief is that the good we cultivate of and for our Selves from a place of loving authenticity reverberates all around us positively.

Certified in Levels 1-3, Hands-free Thai Bodywork and Luk Pra Kob

(Thai Herbal Compress) through the Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage of Evanston, IL with Teachers

Chuck Duff and Jennifer Wright, complimented by 100+ practical hours.


An ancient therapeutic system that's been used to maintain and bring health into balance for centuries across cultures.

It's not quite yoga and it's not quite massage, it's really a bit of both and then some.

It's a bodywork methodology that has astounding healing and rejuvenating benefits.

Positive and energizing, relaxing and rejuvenating: The client is passive and completely supported.

Both the client and the therapist wear comfortable clothing that allow for movement and full range of motion for all the joints.

The session is typically done on a shiatsu-type mat on the floor, often with supportive elements like bolsters or small pillows.

The term "Lazy Man's Yoga" is often used and apt in that the therapist supports the client in shapes akin to yoga postures

and works along energy lines using various compression techniques.

The therapeutic techniques culminate into more ease in the body and an overall body-mind bliss lasting well beyond the session.