I started practicing yoga more than 10 years ago and loved what it did for me physically. After practicing for a few years, I realized that the benefits of yoga went way beyond physical and helped me get through some stressful times in my life! (can anyone say teenage boys??) I decided to jump in and become a yoga instructor 3 years ago and have been teaching ever since. I studied under Meg Galarza at YogaOne Studios in Cedarburg learning the Vinyasa flow method. I am a licensed physical therapist, so I teach with an eye for proper form and alignment as I help my students connect with their breath. I also have a passion for nutrition and I started a local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. We hold monthly meetings in Mequon to teach people how a traditional diet is best for our health.If I’m not doing yoga or talking about nutrition, you can usually find me in the kitchen cooking healthy meals for my family, walking my dogs or enjoying the outdoors.




My life’s intention has been to impact the lives of others and bring positive change.  I initially expressed my desire to make a difference in the world by obtaining my MSW (Masters in Social Work).  I then devoted my energy to raising our two daughters and shared with them my vision.

 In 2002, I began taking yoga classes on a regular basis and found that the philosophy of yoga mirrored the way I lived my life.  The meditative, spiritual and physical practice brought a new rhythm to my days.  I began to develop a greater sense of flow and empowerment on all levels.
I was then guided to teach.

In 2005 I graduated from the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Kanyakumari and received my RYT certification (Registered Yoga Teacher). I then acquired certification from Radiant Child, Karma Kids, Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and Yoga Ed, which qualifies me to teach in schools.

 After having taught to all ages since 2005, I then followed my heart and chose to specialize in teaching yoga and mindfulness solely to youth.  The population to whom I teach are toddlers through the teen years, including children and teens with special needs.



Currently I am immersed in transmitting the teachings of my first inspiration, Vanda Scaravelli.  

Awakening the spine with mindful awareness is the key to her approach.

   I have studied ParaYoga with Rod Stryker in workshops and enjoy the way he weaves the breath

and mantra into movement.  This Hatha style focuses on longer holds and dynamic movement,

allowing the body to ease into the pose.  One of my favorite classes to teach is the meditative and

insightful Yin Yoga which targets the connective tissues and joints through passive holds.  

I have studied Ashtanga with David Keil and enjoy this rigorous practice as well.  

My first teacher taught from an Iyengar perspective and I have always appreciated the use of props

to enhance stability and proper alignment, two tenants of Iyengar Yoga.  

Meg Galarza of YogaOne gave me the tools to teach Vinyasa Flow.  

There is a very intelligent way the poses are linked together, balanced, and countered.

People often say they can't do yoga because they are not flexible.

Yoga is not an achievement, it is an experience.  
We make shapes with our bodies and breathe. All efforts large or small provide benefit.  
Yoga happens on the inside.  

Yoga is a very personal practice and it encompasses movement, meditation, breathwork and more.

If you come to your mat accepting wherever you are physically and emotionally, then the beauty of yoga can unfold. 

Every body is different. Our personal architecture will naturally provide us with openings or limitations.

Yoga is about listening to yourself and becoming aware of how you are feeling.  

Connecting to you breath will bring a sense of peace to your mind.  

Be patient with your body so you can experience the shifts.

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Your Breath

Yoga Therapist, B.S. in Child Psychology

Registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (E-RYT, RCYT) and a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist (1,000-hour level certificate) Mira can guide you skillfully to your desired outcome.  She has been practicing yoga since high school and have been teaching yoga to children and families since 1999, training others to teach yoga since 2002.
Mira is a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher.  “iRest” is short for “Integrative Restoration.” Research has shown that iRest Yoga Nidra effectively reduces PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and chemical  dependency. iRest is integrative, in that it heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. 
With a degree in Child Psychology from The University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, and specialized study in Communication Disorders, Mira excels as a child development therapist using yoga as the main tool for transformation.

Children'sYoga withTraci

 Every child is special and will find some aspect of yoga to connect with.  
The greatest gift a child can receive is to be taught how to regulate their own emotions.  
Learning breathing techniques and ways to focus the mind are wonderful tools for a young child to develop. 
 It will support them throughout their life.
 Children naturally know how to move and play which is important for their development.  
However, moving in and out of specific yoga postures (asanas) can unlock areas in the body and mind which can 

relieve stress, increase vitality and bring inner peace.  
My classes are filled with bhakti (joyous devotion), curiosity and patience.


 We do yoga as a family and I encourage you to share this experience with your children.  

Mira Binzen, Director of Training for Global Family Yoga, is my mentor and from her I have acquired skills to nurture children's development through the art and science of yoga. 

The goal is to encourage them to be the happiest, healthiest, and most well balanced individuals they can be.